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These three poems are from my first poetry book,

Love Found Love Lost

I am

I am

I am ego
I am mind
I am spirit
I am intelligence
I am history
I am family genes
my sensibilities are

I am
of this earth
of this universe
I am
also from beyond
where I will return one day
to really discover who 
I am 

Awake me with a whisper from deep within your soul
that lights my heart like a candle flame
burning brightly in the dark

Place your lips upon my spirit and
caress me with your breath
that speaks of promise
to find each
on a personal journey of ... us

What Now?
What Now? she asks
as if expecting something else
What Now? she asks
as if reflecting something past
What Now? she asks
as if not knowing where to go
What Now? she asks
as if expecting me to show

Does she need to be lead?
Does she follow ambition?
Will she lead me instead?
Does she have premonition?
What Now? she asks
What Now? I ask

Copyright©2005 Brian R. R. Hebb

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