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“Our loyalties are to the earth species and to the planet. We speak for earth. Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed, not just to ourselves, but also to that cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring!"

Carl Sagan
1934 - 1996 Astronomer

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An Open Letter

Dear Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth,

We the people who inhabit this little globe in the middle of nowhere, at the far reaches of the Universe, live in a very special time of human existence and evolution as we find ourselves at a cross roads together.

Our great technologies that have been the mainstay of world commerce for the past century and more, are now polluting the air we breath, the water we drink, and the earth where we grow food. Genetic engineering is altering our food chain to such an extent that the checks and balances of our safety are being compromised by business without conscience and political parties that feel the need to divide and ridicule.

Our planet is showing symptoms of disease, the least of it being: lead poisons and toxins in the air we breath, mercury in our water, harmful pesticides on our land and many, many more pollutants that harm every living entity of life. We are systematically destroying our God given gift of life itself.

As independent individuals we must take serious steps, collectively, as one human race, one interdependent entity, for the sake of our basic survival and for the protection of everything we hold near and dear: our history, our lives, our children’s future, everything.

We are fellow custodians of this beautiful, blue, and fragile planet. We must unite behind those who use sense and science to build new technologies and to find new ways of energy that will not hinder the natural processes of Earth’s systems. What we need is a clean energy revolution.

Our Earth and our environments are the only things that keep us alive. We must not let our lives be abused, misused or harmed by the reckless, the uncaring, the hurtful or the ignorant. Through the mishandling of our great technologies and misguided, greedy business practices, urged on by ill-advised elected officials, our eco-systems and the sustaining elements that nurture us are being eroded to the point of extremely dangerous levels.

Earth will survive. We will not. In a few thousand years the earth will renew and once again grow more dinosaurs like us. And perhaps the new population will develop technologies to misuse and destroy themselves like we are doing. So the cycle continues. But what happens to us in the meantime? GONE, a whole planet full of life, liberty, justice, freedom, history and beauty. Oh so much beauty. GONE.

We must wake up to this impending tragedy of epic proportions. We are all in this together. When one baby dies of mercury poisoning or air pollution, so does another. And it will continue until we are all GONE. Yet through our apathy we seem to not care nor do anything to stop it. And we continue to elect individuals who refuse to see the facts before them.

Our cross road is this: do we, as planetary citizens, continue to grow and foster mentally and cherish the things our fellow humans have accomplished throughout the centuries in culture, art, literature, science or life styles? Or do we give in, and by doing so, commit mass suicide through our apathy?

We share something special in common: a beautiful, fragile world where all people and all things are interconnected. We all impact upon each other and on our surroundings, and anything we do, or don’t do, today, will have a major impact on our grandchildren, and on future generations to come.

The only way we will survive is to Get Involved, join our hands and our hearts and do something, anything, big or small, but do something today.

Recycle, use a hybrid car, ride a bicycle, compost, walk, use energy efficient light bulbs, install a windmill, put solar panels on your roof, turn off the lights, plant a tree, grow a garden, use public transportation, use environmentally friendly cleaning products, use bio-fuels, tell your friends to get green, and many many more things that can help clean up the planet.

Finally, Humanity has gone through great ages, times and changes together and we have always come through it better for the experience. I recently read of the ages as being: the Hunter and Gatherer Age, the Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age and the Information/Knowledge Age. The Age that is now emerging is the Age of Wisdom. It's now time to be wise and lay the groundwork for the big cleanup of the Planet Earth. For life is worth living.

Below, I offer a few selected links to help you to decide on an environmental organization that may suit your own particular style.

Get Involved

Thank you

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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Edmund Burke 
1729-1797 British statesman and philosopher

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