This speech was first presented at the Rotary Club of Los Angeles
January 14th, 2005

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, something completely different. 

There’s an old proverb that says, "Tell me a fact and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I'll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever." In that vain, let me tell you about my Company, The Robert-Royce Company, and how we can help you and your business. 

We perform the art of telling stories visually. We are filmmakers and producers and we produce stories for corporations, professionals and individuals like you. On film, DVD, video or almost any media imaginable. Our productions are to help you propel your message forward for advertising, marketing, fundraising, special events or perhaps to tell your personal story in our Life Biography Series. 

The telling of stories is the one sure thing that keeps us humans together, apart from love, that is. In fact, stories make us want to be together. People join organizations because we want to be a part of a story. We want to contribute, to listen, to network. We want to make a difference with others, to communicate in that great circle of life. But do you realize how many of you don’t understand that Advertising and Marketing, and Public Relations for that matter are simply telling the world a story?

Storytelling is the very essence of communication. LIFE itself is about ideas. We just have to figure out the best way to communicate them. to reach our intended audience. But, as well as just informing or persuading we must inspire and entertain. We must thrill to influence and we must touch the hearts of many.Yes, it’s also OK to make people smile. Put a little showbiz into your business. Be memorable. 

At The Robert-Royce Company, we help corporations communicate to the world in an entertaining and informative way that gets through to the audience they need to attract, We produce videos for the non-profit sector to attract philanthropists to their cause. And we are constantly finding new ways to help our clients garner respect through their stories. That thrill and chill with PANACHE’ 

You must get the word out and we can help you tell the story that connects, that sparks debate that says you or your organization is here, that you matter to your perspective clients. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “Those who speak sow; and those who listen reap.” To succeed in business today it’s necessary to make others not only listen but see, feel, experience your message.

Your message is your vision, and without a proper propulsion system that transports your message, that message is only a dream that struggles among the many for a little place to be heard. 

You know, God gives every bird a worm, but he doesn’t throw the worm into the nest. We have to go and get it. Today there are so many new ways to reach out and attract clients, and The Robert-Royce Company is at the leading edge of new technologies for you to use.

We are a group of seasoned film-makers, visual storytellers and video artists with intent to find the real story our clients need to project. We aim to fashion Excellence in Quality, Creativity and Clarity with carefully crafted, award-winning productions that will show and tell your story in the most effective way, to elicit the most valuable response. 

May I suggest this? Perhaps you or the Founder or the CEO of your organization needs a personal biography, to promote business, to hand on to future employees or to inspire others. We have a product, launched a couple of years ago called The Life Biography. 

Old Sir Winston Churchill had it right “History will be kind to me,” he once said.  “For I intend to write it myself.” Today he might hire my company to produce his Life Biography. Just as you can. To document a life, highlight accomplishments, showcase ideas. Or perhaps leave a legacy and present a personality for generations to come, on DVD or whatever media is available in the future. 

Think about this: In a hundred years, looking back on today, who were you? Makes you think doesn’t it? Did you ever exist? Can you prove it? Did we really care about you? So, you have a story, but where is it? Is it going to be a faded dream like most are? Napoleon said it well: “Life is fleeting but obscurity is forever” 

At The Robert-Royce Company it is ALL about the story, as we fashion productions in the realm of drama, documentary and advertising. But, it’s ALSO about the presentation, as our company is headed by highly creative artists; individuals, who have worked for: Disney, Universal, General Motors,  learning institutions, and for many of the major television networks both in the United States and around the world. We have a world perspective, and we are here for you and for the benefit of your organization.

You are the greatest and it’s about time you told them. So get out there, tell the universe, tell the people. And we can help you present that story. 

Yes, we are something completely different. 

We are The Robert-Royce Company. Well worth a visit, and you’ll be thrilled at what we can do for you. 

Thank you

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